Presenting Crypto Bike Share (CBS)

Built on the ethereum blockchain, CBS is a distributed technology tailored for the sharing economy. Through CBS we shall create a fleet of collaboratively owned vehicles that shall be accessible to all.

High Returns

People who have invested in a vehicle on our platform have profited a 31% annual return on their initial investment.

Fractional Ownership

Buying into a fraction of a fleet of vehicles means people pay only a fraction of cost of the entire fleet. The cost of maintaining and servicing the vehicles is shared as well.


CryptoBike secured smart contracts build a trusted investment network without the presence of middle man.

CBS Solution

With the issuance of the the Crypto Bike Share ‘CBS’ Token, we create a Users-as-Stakeholders network, allowing the behaviour of the network and its software, to become aligned with the interests of its Users.

The Crypto Bike Share Token is required for renting the bike directly from the bike owner.In addition, it enables users to steer the direction of development and influence how the network evolves over time.

A benefit of this model is the network efects it creates. Just as Facebook shifted our social attention to build network efects on its closed platform, the Crypto Bike Share Network Token will leverage our economic attention to build the network efect of an open platform. We believe that cryptoeconomic systems will have even stronger pull than the social ones.

Our survival instincts, which heavily influence our economic interests, are stronger than purely social ones, thus leading to faster adoption of Ethereum and tokens as technologies.

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